How is Vardi Company different from other buying groups?

Vardi Company does not charge a membership fee nor do we have restrictive membership requirements.  We have no credit rating requirements, no minimum revenue requirements, no mandatory tradeshows, and no annual contract.


How is Vardi Company able to offer such low prices?

Vardi Company is a low-cost operator making the most of technological innovations and online business economies. We have established resources around the globe that enable us to buy right and operate on a narrow margin. 


What products does Vardi Company offer?

Vardi Company's product offering includes:

  • Bridal Jewelry - Both complete rings and semi-mounts
  • Diamond Basics - Studs and Tennis Bracelets
  • Diamond Fashion - Available in gold and sterling silver, in multiple diamond qualities
  • Gemstone Jewelry - Both basic and fashion styles, in gold and sterling silver
  • Chains - All different styles in both gold and sterling silver
  • Loose Diamonds - Over 20,000+ certified diamonds and melee service from .005 to .75 ct in multiple diamond qualities
  • VC Concierge - If there is something you need that is not shown on our website, just give us a call and we will help you with whatever you need

What is the difference between JIT and MTO prices?

JIT prices are for our “Just-in-Time” ordering system, in which VC stocks the items for immediate shipment within 1-2 business days.  MTO prices are for our “Make-to-Order” ordering system, in which VC groups members' orders and then has them manufactured for shipment in 1-4 weeks.


What are the lead times for MTO items purchased through Vardi Company?

Vardi Company MTO items are categorized into two groups, domestic products and international products.  Domestically produced MTO items are shipped in approximately 1 week from the cycle end date as the items are cast and finished in the United States.  Internationally produced MTO items are shipped in approximately 4 weeks from the cycle end date as members’ orders are combined into larger purchase orders which are sent to our vendors and partner factories for production.

Is there a minimum order?

No, Vardi Company does not have an order minimum.


How are your items priced?

JIT items are sold at the fixed price listed on the website.


MTO items are repriced at the actual metal markets the day following the cycle end date. A credit will be issued if the metal market decreases from the metal market the website is priced at.  The current base gold market is $1650 and the current silver market is $35.


Does Vardi Company allow members whose credit rating is III or lower?

Yes!  We have no credit rating requirements, no minimum revenue requirements and we have no mandatory trade shows.  We feel that every jewelry retailer, no matter their size, has the right to enjoy all the benefits a true buying group should offer. 

What diamond qualities does Vardi Company use for fashion styles?

For diamond fashion styles, VC generally uses G/H SI and G/H I1 diamonds.  The diamond quality used in a specific piece is presented in both the item description and in the product details.


For gemstone fashion styles, VC generally uses G/H I1 diamonds.  Diamond qualities are always displayed in the product details section of every product page.


Where does Vardi Company source product?

Vardi Company works with factories all over the world to design and manufacture our jewelry offerings.  Additionally we have numerous vendors for those items which they can provide superior quality and pricing.   The bulk of our higher-end items are made in New York City.


Does Vardi Company have the ability to source certified diamonds?

Yes, Vardi Company can assist with all your diamond sourcing needs.  Please contact the VC Concierge with your loose diamond inquiries.


Does Vardi Company offer memo?

Yes, Vardi Company and its suppliers do offer memo

Does Vardi Company make custom pieces?

Yes, Vardi Company can assist with all aspects of creating a custom piece.  Please contact the VC Concierge for assistance.

Does Vardi Company have a Conflict Free Policy?

Vardi Company has a strict conflict-free policy and abides by all UN Resolutions regarding the ethical sourcing of diamonds.

Does Vardi Company purchase diamonds or gold from members?

YES! Just give us a call for more information. This is a great way to turn a customer trade-in into instant cash flow.