Our Process Explained

First, submit the project details, including pictures, sketches, samples, etc. Our team of experienced custom jewelry professionals will review the details and ensure we understand what your customer is looking for BEFORE we start the project.  We will provide recommendations, when applicable, to ensure we produce the highest quality product that your customer will love.  If something is not possible, whether based on design, budget, or timeline, we will tell you so in advance and provide alternatives so you can still satisfy your customer.

Once we understand the project details, we will provide you with an estimate to complete the project.  Once the estimate is approved, we will create a life-like CAD rendering within 1-3 business days.

Next, you will review the rendering with your customer to ensure they are happy with the design, and if they want any elements of the design changed, we will modify the CAD until your customer gives their approval for production.

Once we receive design approval, we will print the model and begin manufacturing which takes approximately 2 weeks.