The BrideStar SystemTM is an upscale bridal selling solution featuring CZ replica rings with a professional quality display.  The system allows retailers to offer their customers an extensive assortment of bridal jewelry without the large upfront inventory investment associated with live merchandise.  By allowing your customer to see and try on replicas of the styles, it provides them with more certainty about their choice and helps you close the sale.  With today‚Äôs consumer demanding more choices, more customization, and a more interactive experience, the BrideStar SystemTM is the premier bridal selling solution.


The BrideStar SystemTM is very simple to use.  Have your customer browse the product assortment and try on the styles they are interested in.  Once they select their desired style, they can customize the ring according to their preferences, including center stone, metal type, and diamond quality.  Once the order is placed, Vardi Company manufactures the ring from scratch in the USA in 5-7 business days.

  • Provides your customer with the experience of getting a customized ring

  • Provides your customer the confidence to make a purchase by allowing them to see replicas of the exact rings to eliminate uncertainty

  • The system is professionally merchandised and a cost-effective solution for filling a bridal showcase

  • Allows for smarter inventory management by reducing risk and eliminating speculative inventory purchases

  • Provides thousands of bridal options with a multitude of center stone choices, metal types, and diamond qualities

  • Starting as low as $995, the BrideStar SystemTM is one of the most affordable systems on the market.  Just one sale and your investment is recovered

  • Our finished rings are manufactured in the USA and ship within 5-7 business days

  • We offer 2 payments options:  Extended Net 30/60/90 financing or COD with a special discount

  • We offer the most competitive prices on the finished rings by using real-time metal market pricing

  • Our modular design allows for easy remerchandising or expansion

  • Provides a leading interactive experience by utilizing our FREE Showroom Mode technology

  • Works in conjunction with Diamonds On DemandTM so your customer can view multiple diamonds on memo at the same time as they choose their mounting

  • All of our rings are customizable through the Vardi Concierge 

"I have similar systems from two other vendors, but your pricing and quick service is why my staff and I turn to Vardi Company.  Plus your service and quality of product is unmatched."
Aaron Kilman
Aaron Kilman Jewelers