Vardi Company is a hybrid jewelry manufacturing company whose offerings encompass those of a jewelry manufacturer, buying group, service provider, and technology company.  Our main focus is ensuring our members’ success through innovative offerings including FREE industry leading technology, powerful selling tools, and beneficial services, all of which focus on making your business more efficient and profitable.  Rather than focusing on individual sales, Vardi Company seeks to become your back-office partner and has developed a suite of full services offerings which allow you to focus on closing the sale, while we handle the rest.  We recognize that in today’s challenging business environment it is vital to adapt and that is why Vardi Company was created…to help independent retailers succeed by saving them valuable time and money. 


Vardi Company offers a comprehensive product assortment tailored to the independent jewelry retail market.  As a technologically advanced, low-cost operator, we are able to offer the most competitive prices while providing extensive customization options to appeal to the widest customer base possible.

Our product offerings include:

  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Diamond Basics
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Loose Gemstones

Services, Tools, and Technologies

In addition to a comprehensive assortment of jewelry, Vardi Company also offers a wide range of services, tools, and technologies to make our members more successful.  As Vardi views our members as partners, we offer these for FREE or at cost to make them as affordable and effective as possible.  We do not focus on making money on each individual transaction, but rather evaluate our success with each member on a more long-term basis and recognize that by creating long-lasting mutually beneficial partnerships, everyone will be more successful in the long run.

Diamonds On DemandTM is the industry's premier 100% free, no obligation, full-service diamond sourcing solution, including powerful online diamond search technology and full-service diamond fulfillment and support. Retailers simply go online, search our available inventory of more than 50,000 certified diamonds in any of the three modes, press the “request stone” button and receive the desired stones via free overnight shipping. If a requested stone in unavailable or unsellable, a Vardi Diamond Sourcing Specialist will find suitable alternatives for the retailer.

Vardi Concierge has quickly become the jewelry industry’s preferred custom jewelry manufacturer. The full-service concierge saves members significant time and money by managing the entire project from concept to creation.  Plain and simple, Vardi makes custom convenient!  In addition to custom jewelry manufacturing, Vardi Concierge can assist you with any special requests you have.

The BrideStar SystemTM is our upscale Bridal Prototype Selling Solution featuring CZ replicas and a professional quality display.  This system allows you to reduce your on-hand inventory while offering a broader bridal assortment.  We offer the BrideStar SystemTM at cost to make this valuable tool more affordable to our retail members.

Showroom Mode was created to empower Vardi Company’s members by providing them with a free personalized online catalog to be used as an in-store selling tool.  With a single click, the Vardi Company website transforms by removing all Vardi branding and replacing it with your own.  Additionally, all jewelry prices convert to triple key prices and certified loose diamonds use your own custom markups.

Vardi Company is here to serve you.  Call us today at 866-665-6502 to learn more or Click Here to join now.