Showroom Mode is a technology we created which converts our wholesale website into an in-store selling tool for our retail partners.  With a single click, our website converts into your own branded virtual catalog featuring YOUR logo and retail pricing.

Simply press the "Showroom" button on the top of our website, and instantaneously, all of our branding will be removed and replaced with your company name or logo.  Additionally, certified diamond prices will convert to your desired retail prices and all other products will covert to triple key.

Setting up Showroom Mode is very simple.

To enter your company name and/or logo click here

To setup your custom diamond markups click here

Today's consumer expects more options, more customization, and a continuous stream of new offerings from retailers.  It is impractical for a retailer to inventorize so much product, so the solution is simple...use technology to leverage the power of virtual inventory.  Additionally, with the growing role of technology in our society, the use of in-store technology is becoming common practice, and with Showroom Mode you will be able to stay ahead of the curve.

1)  Log into, then press the "Showroom" button on the top of our website.

2)  All Vardi Company branding will be removed, your name or logo will appear, and product pricing will convert to retail prices.

3)  Browse our full online catalog with your customer as if it were your own website.

4)  Add the items your customer is interested in to your cart as you would in traditional wholesale mode.

5)  After all of the items are added to your cart, press the "Print Cart" button for your records.

6)  After the customer is away from the screen, press "Exit Showroom" on the top of our website to return to wholesale mode.  From here, you can go to your cart and submit your order.

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