Diamonds On Demand® is our 100% FREE full service diamond sourcing solution consisting of powerful online diamond search technology, as well as diamond fulfillment and support.  As we view our members as partners, we have created Diamonds On Demand® to save you valuable time and money and to ensure you receive the diamonds you need when you need them with just a single call or click.

Vardi Company's diamond search technology is 100% FREE and among the most advanced in the industry.  Featuring 3 modes of operation, our technology works on our website and on YOUR website with over 50,000 certified diamonds available for memo or purchase, including diamonds graded by all major labs. Best of all, there are no costs, no contracts, and no commitments required.  

Diamonds On Demand® operates in the following 3 modes:

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Diamonds On Demand® is so much more than just another diamond search.  Diamonds On Demand® is a full service diamond sourcing solution.

Once you browse our inventory of over 50,000 certified diamonds and request the stones you are interested in, then our team of diamond specialists begin the fulfillment process.

We will confirm the availability of the requested diamonds and then inspect them to ensure the diamonds are presentable.  If the requested stones are unavailable or unpresentable, such as having a visible inclusion, we will suggest suitable alternatives to ensure you can satisfy your customer.  Even if the stones are available and presentable, we may inform you of some alternative options if we feel they are better options.  Once the stone selection is finalized, we will send them all to you on memo via FREE Overnight Delivery.

Vardi Company views our members as partners and knows without your success we will not succeed.  We get to know our members so that we understand the types of diamonds you like to sell. We only present options we know will work for you and don't want to waste your time or money.  Can't find what you need?  Just give us a call and we will handle the rest.

Plain and simple...

We send you the diamonds you need when you need them at the right price!

Above and beyond our superior personalized service, we also recognize that the appearance and usability of our diamond search technology is important.  We spend the extra time and money to ensure our diamond search is both easy to use and attractive so that YOUR customers will be able to use it and not be turned off by poor design or antiquated technology.

As a full service diamond sourcing platform, Diamonds On Demand® offers a number of benefits including:

Simplicity:  One platform.  One point of contact.  3 Modes of operation.

Specialized Support:  Vardi's Diamonds On Demand® specialists are here to help you.  If a stone request is unavailable or unpresentable, we will propose suitable alternatives.  Or, if you have a difficult customer or request, simply call and our specialists will help you find what you need.  Most importantly, we get to know our members to ensure we only send the stones that will work for you, making diamond sourcing easier and worry free.

Streamlined Logistics:  Vardi Company saves you time and money!

You don't need to call multiple vendors to find out what options are available.  You don't even need to call.  Most of our inventory is available online.

You don't need to coordinate logistics with multiple vendors or pay for multiple shipments.  Simply click a button and receive all your diamonds in one package via FREE Overnight Shipping.

You don't need to worry about multiple credit lines with multiple vendors or risk losing your customer because your request was delayed while waiting for a new account to be opened.  With Diamonds on Demand®, you get what you need when you need it!

No Costs or Commitments:  Not only is Diamonds on Demand® 100% FREE, there are also no long term contracts or commitments required to utilize this service.  You just need to be a member of Vardi Company.

How To Search And Request Diamonds:

1)  Go to our diamond search here or wherever you installed it on your website.

2)  Enter your search criteria and press submit to see our available inventory.

3)  Browse the available results for diamonds of interest.  You can adjust the criteria on the fly to broaden or narrow the results.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to call us at 866-665-6502 and a diamond specialist will help you fulfill the request.

4)  Once you find the diamond(s) you are interested in, press the request stone button, enter any necessary information, and submit the request.  Vardi Company, you, and your customer will all receive email confirmations indicating the request(s) has been received.

5)  A Vardi Company representative will contact you to verify the request and coordinate the logistics to get the diamond(s) to you so you can present them to your customer.

6)  The diamond(s) will be shipped to you via FREE Overnight Delivery.  Your customer selects the diamond they want to purchase and the remaining options are returned to Vardi Company.

How To Setup Showroom Mode and Embedded Mode:

To setup your custom markups for Showroom Mode or Embedded Mode, click here.

To install Embedded Mode on your website, call us at 866-665-6502 and we will send you a personalized installation guide.

As a major diamond wholesaler, Vardi Company can assist you with all of your diamond needs above and beyond certified diamonds.  Our offerings include:

Melee Service - From .005 to 3/4 ct round in 4 diamond qualities

White, Eye Clean Uncertified Diamonds - From .05 to 1 ct in 4 shapes

Special Requests - The Vardi Concierge can supply any other diamonds you need, including fancy colored diamonds, matched pairs/layouts, fancy shape melee, and more.

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