Diamonds On Demand® Technology

Vardi Company's diamond search technology is 100% FREE and works on both our website and yours.  With over 50,000 certified diamonds available, Diamonds On Demand® is the most comprehensive full service diamond sourcing solution.

Diamonds On Demand® features and benefits include:

3 Modes of Operation:   Diamonds On Demand® operates in the following 3 modes:

Wholesale Mode:  Within the Vardi Company website, you can search our diamond inventory at your wholesale cost.

Showroom Mode:  With a customer in your store, you can seamlessly switch the Vardi Company website into Showroom Mode which converts the prices of our diamonds to your desired retail prices using your own custom markups which can be setup here.

Embedded Mode:  Our FREE technology is easily integrated into your own website with your desired retail prices displayed based off the markups you setup here.

Single Line HTML Code Installation:  The simplest installation possible!  Just paste a single line of HTML code on your website and everything is live.  Call 866-665-6502 today and we will send you a personalized installation guide.

Self-Upgrading:  Our software is designed so that Vardi Company can manage upgrades on your behalf.  Simply install your unique Diamonds On Demand® code and you are done.

No Maintenance Required:  Once Diamonds On Demand® is installed on your website, that's it!  No maintenance is required as our technology is self-upgrading.

No Costs:  Vardi Company's Diamonds On Demand® platform is completely free. There are no setup fees.  There are no usage fees.  There are no fees, period!

No Contracts or Commitments:  Vardi Company does not believe in forcing members to make long-term commitments.  We believe our offerings and personalized service attracts and retains members and we allow members to discontinue use at any time. 

Customizable Pricing:  Setup your own custom markups for use in Showroom Mode and Embedded Mode.  Click here to enter your custom markups.

Customizable Inventory:  With Diamonds On Demand®, you can customize your diamond inventory based on many criteria.  Simply let us know what you would like customized, ie GIA certified diamonds only, and we will pre-filter your results to only display the diamonds you are interested in offering.

Customized Versions Available:  Want to change certain elements of our software? We can custom develop your own unique Diamond Finder powered by our platform.

Multiple Versions to Choose From:  Vardi Company offers multiple versions of our technology to choose from.  Want to switch versions?  Vardi Company can change your version in real-time.

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