How Vardi Concierge Saves You Time & Money Indirectly

Above and beyond the direct costs of a custom project, such as design fees, material costs, and labor charges, there are many other costs you may incur by not using a full service provider such as the Vardi Concierge.  

Logistical Costs:  If you are using multiple vendors to design and manufacture a custom piece, how much money are you spending shipping components back and forth between different vendors?  

Vardi Concierge handles the entire project from A to Z ensuring you don't waste precious money on shipping between vendors.

Processing Costs:  Your time is both limited and valuable.  

How much time are you spending managing a custom project?  

Can your time be better spent on something more important like generating more leads or focusing on strategic company initiatives?  

Are your other priorities making your projects take more time or what happens if you have more projects than you can handle?  

Vardi Concierge handles the entire project for you from concept to creation, ensuring quick turnaround times and seamless execution.

Other Factors: Vardi Concierge also provides our members with the certainty that their projects will be executed in a timely manner with the highest quality standards.  

Have you lost customers because your turn around time was too slow or a custom job was poorly executed?  

What do you do if a model or casting comes out poorly?  

What happens if you need different size melee or more stones due to breakage?  

What if the design was created with a fundamental flaw?  

How much time and money is wasted fixing these issues and who do you hold responsible if you are working with multiple vendors?  

With Vardi Concierge, none of this is an issue as we handle the entire project and ensure it is executed seamlessly throughout the entire process.

Vardi Concierge will save you time and money!  Let us prove it.