Vardi Concierge Capabilities

The Vardi Concierge manufactures all products categories including:

Engagement Rings

Matching Bands

Eternity Bands

Diamond Fashion Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

And More!

The Vardi Concierge offers multiple degrees of custom manufacturing:

Customization of existing items:   The Vardi Concierge will customize almost any item on our website to satisfy your customer’s desires. 

Minor Adjustments:  Does your customer prefer to have diamonds only go half way down the shank instead of being a full eternity style?  We will modify the model without going through the CAD process, adding only an extra day or two to our standard production lead time.  Do you prefer ideal cut melee or want a ruby center instead of amethyst?  We will manufacture the piece with your desired diamond quality or gemstone.

Style Redesigns:  Is your customer interested in an existing style but wants larger diamonds in the halo?  Maybe the piece was designed for a round center stone, but your customer wants to use a cushion?  Vardi Concierge will redesign the piece to satisfy your customer’s desires.

Custom Designs:  The Vardi Concierge will custom design jewelry for you based off an image or sketch.  Just submit the project details and we will handle the rest.  Do you have your own CAD?  We can print your existing design and then manufacture the finished piece for you.

Product Line Manufacturing and Brand Development:  The Vardi Concierge can do so much more than just manufacture a single one-off piece.  Whether you have a signature piece, an entire product line, or even a full brand, the Vardi Concierge can help with managing manufacturing, product development, distribution, marketing, and more!

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The Vardi Concierge offers extensive diamond, gemstone, and manufacturing capabilities to accommodate any jewelry retailer.

Diamond and Gemstone Capabilities:  Vardi Concierge can supply any diamonds you need for your custom project.  Our standard diamond quality is G-H SI1-SI2; however, we can supply higher or lower color or clarity melee or ideal cut melee.  Does your piece call for fancy colored diamonds or do you need a matched pair or layout?  Vardi Concierge can provide these goods as well.

As a major gemstone importer, Vardi Concierge can also supply any gemstones you need, including semi-precious, precious, and rare and exotics, such as Tanzanite.

Manufacturing Capabilities:  Vardi Concierge offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities allowing us to manufacture all product types in a variety of price points for different types of retailers.

Levels of Work:  Vardi Concierge’s standard quality is medium to high-end which is what 90% of our retailers want.  However, if you are looking for the best of the best, we have the latest equipment and the best bench jewelers capable of manufacturing the highest quality jewelry possible on par with the most exclusive brands in the world.

Local and International:  Vardi Concierge manufactures all of its standard custom projects in New York; however, if you are looking for high volume manufacturing of price point items, we can provide international manufacturing through our factories, if desired.

Special Services:  As a premier fine jewelry manufacturer, Vardi Concierge offers many special services including logo laser engraving, fine hand milgrain, hand engraving, true pave setting, and more.