Vardi Company - Showroom Settings

Showroom Mode Settings

In order to setup Showroom Mode for use, please enter your company name and/or logo in the below form.  Once this information is entered, please select whether you would like your logo or company name displayed in the website header when in Showroom Mode.  

Please note:  Logo images must be less than 300px wide and 75px tall.  If you need assistance with preparing your logo for use, please contact a Vardi Company representative for assistance.            


Display Option:


Current Image:

How to Use Showroom Mode:

1)  Log into, then press the “Showroom” link in the header

2)  All Vardi Company branding will be removed, your name and/or logo will appear, and product pricing will convert to triple key using the daily metal markets for accurate Real Time Pricing

3)  Browse our full online catalog with your customer as if it was your own website 

4)  Add the items your customer is interested in to your cart as you would in traditional mode

5)  After all the items are added to your cart, press the Print Cart button for your records

6)  After the customer is away from the screen, press Exit Showroom in the header to return to normal mode.  From here, you can go to your cart and submit your order.