The Million Key Movement is a nationwide, causal-related jewelry program for our exclusive Love is the Key® brand in conjunction with Jewelers For Children.  Our goal is to generate the largest ever charitable contribution to Jewelers For Children of $1,000,000+ as well as to spread the positive brand message of Love is the Key®:

Participating retailers will purchase our exclusive trademarked Love is the Key® products and 10% of the retail price will be donated to Jewelers For Children (5% by Vardi Company and 5% by the participating retailer).  

By joining the Million Key Movement, you will be promoted as a participating retailer on and will receive marketing support to promote your participation.

The minimum purchase to become a participating retailer is $500 on the opening order and replenishment orders need to be at least $200.

All participating retailers will receive marketing collateral to promote their participation in the Million Key Movement as well as being promoted through our overall marketing campaigns.

We will be providing retailers with:

  • Top-of-counter signage to promote the Million Key Movement products in-store
  • Press releases for your local market
  • Digital banners for use on your website, social media profiles, and through email.

We will be promoting our website to the general public which will further direct them to participating retailers.  We will be:

  • Giving away over 500 promotional keys to the 4 charities above who will promote this campaign through their social media and other channels.
  • Distributing hundreds of key to influential people to help spread awareness of this great cause.
  • Using social media and online marketing to drive awareness and bring consumers to our website so they can find our participating retailers.

The Love is the Key® product associated with the Million Key Movement is available in Sterling Silver, 10K Gold, and 14K Gold in a variety of sizes and with and without gemstones or diamonds.  Contact us to see the entire assortment.